SPRINT Russia 2012

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Update! July 8, 2012

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The girls have enjoyed their pre-service training and are looking forward to volunteering at the orphanage next week.

More details at: http://sunergosint.org/blog/spu-finished-training-tomorrow-we-meet-the-kids/



They’ve arrived! July 5, 2012

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The team has reached St. Petersburg and is resting in preparation for their in-country training.  SunErgos International maintains its own blog page, so I’ll post links to their updates here.  (Why wouldn’t you post a blog within a blog?)

Here’s the report.  Thanks for your support of this team!




July 4, 2012

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Early this morning Ashley and Nerissa met at SeaTac Airport for their flights to St Petersburg, where they’ll connect with Jessica and meet Marina, their host.

After a few days of training and orientation to Russia the team will travel to a camp on the Gulf of Finland where they’ll assist youth with physical and mental disabilities and their caregivers.

We’ll hear from the group about weekly. I’ll post updates here. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns- I’m at (206) 427-1296 or owen@spu.edu.

Thanks for your support of this team!

Owen Sallee
SPU John Perkins Center SPRINT advisor


They’re off!

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Update from Jessica July 3, 2012

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Here’s an update from Jessica.  Ashley and Nerissa leave tomorrow morning for St. Petersburg.

The time I spent at camp was amazing! I was able to bond mostly with the little girls. We had such a fun time doing silly things (teaching each other songs and dances). Thank you so much for your prayers-we were blessed with staff that let us come teach their cabins English and Bible lessons. My high school team is still at the camp and I am able to have a few days of transition with a great friend in St Petersburg. Ashley and Nerissa will fly out tomorrow and we will be together on July 5th! I feel so blessed to have been able to come to Russia this summer.


Update from Jessica June 28, 2012

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Jessica is in St. Petersburg a week ahead of the rest of the group, helping at a summer camp with a team from her high school.  She sent this update:

We arrived safely in Russia! The flights went smoothly, although we didn’t sleep. We arrived at beautiful Camp Chaika and we are staying in the same room as I was before-same bed in fact! The mosquito’s are pretty bad this time around haha.

There is a new camp coming today, so I am excited to see if I know any of the kids-I saw one boy from last time.  We are busy preparing lessons and preparing to meet the kids!


Urgent Prayer! June 15, 2012

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I (Jessica) was finally able to meet up with the Valley Christian team I will fly to Russia with-they are such a great group of people and I am so excited to minister with them for a few days before my trip actually begins. We are leaving in nine days, and unfortunately none of the adults have their visas yet! We know that all we can do know is wait and pray. Please pray with us as the paperwork issues are resolved!! Thank you so much for partnering with our team through prayer!!


Ash, Nerissa, and I had a skype meeting tonight and we thought of a few more prayer requests!


First, please pray for continued finances as the trip comes closer! Pray it wouldn’t be a burden or stress as we are preparing for the trip. Please pray for us to have genuine time to prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually. There are so many things to get done, and we constantly seek more time to devote to our preparation.


Lastly, we would love prayers devoted to our safety both in preparation and in country.


Thank you so much,

Jessica, Nerissa, and Ashley