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Urgent Prayer. October 11, 2012

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Dear Faithful Readers,

We have an urgent prayer request, our dear friend Patia from camp is very ill. Our interpreter informed us that her life is being threatened by her medical needs. Along with a heart condition, she has fluid collecting in her lungs; her blood is also thick, adding to the complicated situation. Her mother, Tamara, said that she doesn’t think Patia will make it through this year and has taken Patia out of school, because they don’t have the means for medical treatment.

This news broke our hearts. It is such a miracle that Patia has made it this far, and we want her to continue to be healthy and grow. Tamara is losing hope for her daughter (who is only 24 years old). We would love for you to join us in prayer for the health of our friend. Please also pray for Tamara to not lose hope in the process. Our team is going to try and raise money (the treatment is about $5,000). Please pray for us to see new ways to raise these funds in a quick manner, because we don’t know how much time she has. If you would like to financially help, please respond to this blog. We appreciate your prayers and support .

With love and blessings,

Team RU.

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